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The New Age | Carl Ostberg

Meet Carl Ostberg.

Photographer, stylist, and a truly majestic florist. He is a man of many talents.
Foe & Dear caught up with Carl to talk about his art process, the evolution of his work, and daydreams of ranch living in Hawaii.



Where do you enjoy cultivating inspiration for your work?

I believe that inspiration can literally come from anywhere. There are textbook answers: go in to nature, connect with others, observe art; and there is the notion that inspiration is endless and can be readily tapped into.

I have tried to shift my inspirational moments to be more during the process. Trying to think differently about the objects that I'm using. Remembering to find the element of play and joy in the simple moments.


What does a dream project look like to you?

At this point, there is no consistency in my dreams; I feel like my dreams are always changing. But the overall dream is to continue to find balance and stability, and then live in the chaos and creation.



When are you most challenged in your process of creating a styled lay out?

I will easily admit that I am the worst communicator in the pre-production phase. My family has found it effective to text 50 times in a row to get my attention.



Best work advice you've received 

The best work advice that I’ve been given came through some self realization.

When you’re put into high pressure creative situations, anything can be achieved. You have a choice between problem solving and finding a solution, or panicking and falling into a space of defeat. 



Who has been a constant pillar of support in your journey?

My partner is my rock. He is the one constant who makes all the uncertainties feel possible.



Where would you like to take your work next?

I don’t know what is next or particularly where I will take my work, but I do know that within the next twenty years I would like to be living in a pink rancher in Hawaii. 



One of your favourite jobs you've had this year

I recently started experimenting with video, and I am in the process of creating a brand video for a local company. It’s a whole new beast, and it’s so exciting and inspiring. 

It also just happens to all be on Bowen island, which is the most beautiful escape. 



Words to live by

Two years ago I called my mom (as you do in your thirties) and starting complaining that I had too much on my plate. She told me, mid-sentence, "Stop it. You asked for this.” And of course she is right, because I am living my dream every day and I am endlessly grateful.



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Photos provided by Carl Ostberg