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Foe & Dear | Companions Ceremony Collection


This season, Foe & Dear is taking a fresh perspective on ceremonial bands with our latest capsule collection, Companions.


Every piece in the Companions collection features a luminous salt and pepper diamond. This type of diamond is quite unique in character and form.

It is full of beautiful grey, pepper-like flecks, which brings out its natural beauty. Salt and pepper diamonds have a variety of these flecks, also referred to as inclusions.

Because of this, the diamond cannot be mass produced or replicated. They are truly one of a kind.


Salt and pepper diamonds are mainly sourced from Canada, Botswana and South Africa.

Mined from the earth and created from carbon. They get their appearance from hematite, graphite, and magnetite that has not yet been crystallized.


Made from rough and raw deposits, the salt and pepper diamond is economically friendly, using less harmful mining procedures than a regular diamond.

A salt and pepper diamond keeps its natural form. They reflect the complexity of the earth's creations, one is not like the other; they are perfectly imperfect.

Each piece is infused with character, bringing an organic look to an engagement ring. With a unique design, it creates a glistening feel to the piece.

Gone are the days of classic and traditional. Salt and pepper diamonds add a distinct and personal touch for the wearer. It reflects a positive and

economically sustainable choice, making room for a new kind of union.



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Creative Direction | Foe & Dear

Photography | Katherine Schlattman

Styling and Words | Xanthe Hodge of Foe & Dear