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Dreamgirl | Alex Muskat

Meet dreamgirl Alex Muskat.

She's the ultimate creative mind in the art and beauty industry. Based in Los Angeles, Alex weaves her authentic love of beauty with her natural talent for art direction.

Foe & Dear caught up with Alex to get her inside tips on skin care, her favourite go-to products, and having a strong work ethic in the beauty industry.


Where did your love of the beauty industry begin?

My love of the industry began in college. When I was younger I used to just wash my face with water and leave the house makeup free - I soon learned I'd need to put a but more effort in during my late teens.

I discovered Into The Gloss and I learned how to research beauty from blogs. I also learned a lot about embracing your personal style through your beauty routine that way. We are all so different. There are 1 million right ways to do something.


Your go-to makeup products?

Rose water spray for all day use or Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, Chanel lip balm, three-five different nude lipsticks ranging from matte to sheer to gloss, depending on my mood. For scents, I'd go with Byredo Gypsy Water or Le Labo Gaiac.


Chanel Face Powder -  This multi-use powder enhances and brightens, creating a natural glow on your skin.

Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation - New to the game, this liquid foundation has a light weight feel with a matte finish for all day wear.

Colourpop Highlighters - Great for overall glow and highlight on your skin! Smooth and easily build-able.

Guerlain Peach Blush - Natural and long lasting product with enriched moisturizing active ingredients.


Colourpop Eyeshadow - Full of pigment and goes on your lid with a silky finish. Solid staple in everyone's makeup bag.

NYX liquid black eyeliner - I'm obsessed with this right now. It's so so good.


Milk Makeup Clear Brow Gel - Tame your wild brow hairs with ease while nourishing them with essential oils.


How important is using natural/paraben free products to you?

It's really important for me to ingest natural, vegan vitamins and supplements and it's really important for my foundation to be full of really good ingredients - but I'll bend the rules for glitter, highlighter, and eyeliner. All the fun stuff is fine :) Life is balance, right?


What brings you the most satisfaction in your work?

Regarding my work in the beauty industry, I’m most satisfied when I can educate someone on a more natural way of helping their skin as opposed to them using a medication. I’m extremely into healing the body through vitamin deficiencies anti-inflammatory diet hacks, and skincare products.

I grew up that way- not many people have those years of education on this stuff. If I can share my tips, advice with someone who didn’t know they had another option, I feel like I’m doing my job. Most people feel really lost and overwhelmed with their skin concerns, and I understand why.

In my spare time I paint large-scale acrylic pieces. The most satisfying part about that is seeing my vision come to life while truly enjoying the path to get there. I never know how I’m actually going to accomplish the piece until I get in there. It’s a matter of problem solving, I think. It also teaches me to trust myself.


Most cherished beauty regimes?

Oh it's so long. It's really really long. Currently - I start with Bioderma Face Cleanser Wipes, then I use and oil cleanser and add the Joanna Vargas Rejuvination Face Serum which is a face oil.

Then the new Murad Serum, Bioderma Hyaluronic Acid Serum, with Vitamin C AHA serum from SkinCeuticals, and Peter Thomas Roth Vitamin C Eye Cream. I might do a some facial cupping to de-puff and aid blood flow and collagen production.

Artists you look up to/inspire you the most?

Anyone who actually turns their idea into a reality- a piece, product, brand, etc. It’s truly the most inspiring and empowering thing to me.

Your key to healthy and vibrant skin?

I take Halo Beauty hair, skin, and nails supplements religiously. I work for the brand and believe in it 100%. It has changed my skin from natural vitamins inside and out. Also taking your makeup off every single night, masking, exfoliating, using oils and serums everyday! I'm also obsessed with facial cupping. And lots of water!!


Words to live by

Surround yourself with things you create.

Follow the opportunity and don't have an exact definition of how your life will look.

Work really really really hard. Be nice. Don't hop on the conveyor belt lifestyle of everyone doing the same thing at the same time.

Make life your own.


 By Foe & Dear

Photos provided by | Alex Muskat