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Dreamgirl | Christina Luo

Meet dreamgirl Christina Luo.

Dreamer, calligraphy artist, and the ultimate bubble tea extraordinaire.

Foe & Dear caught up with Christina to chat about her adventures in Australia, her appreciation for the calligraphy community, and her endless love for her angel dog Margot.

How has your recent travels to Australia influenced your perception of calligraphy?

The first thing that struck me upon my arrival to Australia was how open + friendly the creative community was. Everyone I met within the calligraphy community was so willing to help this random newcomer, it was honestly shocking! Many of my Aussie clients were referred to me through calligraphers and lettering artists who simply could not take on the work, not to mention how generous everyone was with their advice regarding the region's industry standard rates, processes, etc. 

I attended exhibitions featuring multiple lettering artists who basically decided to be friends, create some cool shit + hang it all up — no competition necessary. My time in Australia basically showed me how warm and welcoming a single creative industry can be within itself, which is something I want to somehow share with the growing Canadian art + design world. I've experienced the spectacular potential of cross-industry pollination in Vancouver (i.e. my precious time spent sharing a studio space with none other than Foe & Dear <3). I'd love to see that kind of collaboration happening more between artists who create the same type of work.


Current muses?

All my talented friends — particularly the insanely gorgeous stylist Cecile who is doing mind-blowing work in the Melbourne fashion world!! 

Oh and my celeb crushes Lulu Wang + Awkwafina because The Farewell destroyed me, tysm. Also, two heart-stopping writers: Amy Hempel and Jia Tolentino.


Where do you enjoy designing your pieces? 

Currently I've been dreaming up new ideas all over my newly redecorated (still a WIP) flat, while lint rolling fluffy dog hair off of everything :) Actual execution of projects usually happens in the sunroom, which is my office/studio but is actually my dog's bedroom where she people-watches from the 10th floor every day. Sometimes she'll kick me out if she needs privacy and I'll work at the dining room table.


Any upcoming workshops? 

Yes! We have a few spots available in our March 28th Introduction to Brush Lettering workshop! Our aim is to offer them monthly at the very least.


What originally made you gravitate towards calligraphy? 

I'm in the camp of calligraphers who were originally drawn to street art and sign painting! Somewhere along the way, my need to understand the curvature of a graffiti tag turned into a lifelong dedication to perfecting upstrokes. I've hit the spray can a few times and it's still one of the hardest tools I've ever tried to create with, which I'm sure means I will become obsessed when I have my mid-life crisis.


Top 5 favourite calligraphy artists? 

Calligraphy by Moya 
Sabine Pick
Tomoko Tajima
Jane of Lavender Lane Calligraphy 


Best trick Margot (your angel dog) does?

Not a trick but omg it was really cute the other day when it was snowing and she wanted to go out and play so badly, she kept doing cute-yet-obvious glances at her leash every time we got near the door!! It was so precious.


Words to live by

"No feeling is final." —Rainer Maria Rilke



By Foe & Dear
Photography by Foe & Dear + Christina Luo 

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