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Dreamgirl | Leore Hayon


Meet dreamgirl Leore Hayon.

Writer, beauty enthusiast, and creative mind behind The Girl Habit.

Foe & Dear caught up with Leore to talk about her path of self-discovery, appreciation for

hot yoga, and being authentic to herself.



Your beauty site The Girl Habit (TGH) is a great resource for healthy routines to incorporate into everyday life. How has it helped you explore your own path of body positivity and self-love?  

TGH is a fun place for me to share everything I've learned over the years and continue to learn everyday. I've always been about embracing your natural self and developing healthy habits when it comes to beauty. It is hard for girls growing up and the images and messages we are constantly bombarded with. I try to be a positive example and share my personal hardships and lessons. Beauty and happiness truly come from within, so it is important to practice self love on daily basis. That is not to say every day or minute you will feel beautiful or happy. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones is a positive habit to form. Along with meditation, exercise, and a fun beauty routine!        



Favorite places to spend your down time?

Nothing like being home and watching some Housewives on Bravo. If I could be in Hawaii to recharge at any given moment I would always choose there. The islands have a very special energy. Tonight the bathtub with candles will do. 


Song that makes you smile instantly

Anything by Ariana Grande at the moment.



We’re big advocates of hot yoga and so are you :) What has your yoga practice taught you throughout the years?

I love hot yoga so much. It has taught me to put my ego aside and to accept things as they are. These are things I live by everyday and practice in my relationships and work. I've also learned the importance of stillness and breath. Oh and water! Lots of water. 



Best way to start your morning

Coffee and meditation 


What makes you feel empowered?

Whenever I stand up for myself and stay true to who I am. Also wearing a killer outfit. 



Where would you like to travel next?

Someplace tropical please.



Words to live by

"What's it going to matter in 100 years..?"

This always puts things in perspective and helps me continually move forward.  


 By Foe & Dear

Photos provided by Leore Hayon