Look: Reece Voyer x Foe & Dear

Reece Voyer; storyteller, life seeker, and photographer for Foe & Dear's latest winter shoot.
We caught up with photographer Reece Voyer on the local art scene in Vancouver, traveling to Mars, and everything in between.

Where did your interest for photography peak from?

It started when I quit my day job as an accountant and was looking for something fun to do for the summer. I bought a camera off craigslist the day I left and started taking pictures of friends and really got excited about photography. After that it all kinda snowballed and photography became the only thing I was thinking about. Now photography is about pushing myself everyday to be creative and to document the process and people along the way.

  Kenna is wearing the South Sea Pearl Necklace

  Kenna is wearing the Chain Ring

How has the vision of your work evolved over the last year?

I'm really lucky to be surrounded by a great group of friends who are pushing themselves creatively and we all feed off of each other. They're all doing really crazy stuff in fashion, music, art, photography etc. and it's an endless source of inspiration. Being close to these people has made me appreciate the documentary side of photography - focusing on catching genuine moments with my friends who are these crazy-good artists.

                                   Pele is wearing the South Sea Pearl Stud

Cream Ribbed Dress by Desiree Klein    

What catches your eye when you're shooting?

In between stuff - laughs, mistakes, conversation, movement.



    Nude Slip by Used House of Vintage

Who has been one of the main inspirations for your work?

Conor Cunningham, Lilea Goian, Charlie Storwick, Ripley Freedom, Isla Pouliot, Jasmine Cambon, Emerencz Merkle, Benny O'Sullivan, Rob Palmer. Can't list just one.


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Clementine Blouse by Millie & Lou


Location you would love to travel for a photography trip?

Ideally? Mars. Practically...New York for sure. I love street photography and New York is the Mecca.

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Pele is wearing the South Sea Pearl Drop Earring

Elevato Dress by Desiree Klein


Kenna is wearing the South Sea Pearl Collar Necklace

Jerry Blazer and Abigail Pants - Mr. Larkin

By Foe & Dear

Photographer - Reece Voyer

Stylist - Xanthe Hodge

Makeup Artist - The Artistry Collective

Models - Kenna Prepchuk | Pele Olivia

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