Places: Anvil Island

The sun shining at this time for a few minutes afforded an island which, from the shape of the mountain that composes it, obtained the name of Anvil island." - George Vancouver

The 3rd largest island in Howe Sound, Anvil Island is a secret treasure along the coast of British Columbia. Composed of stunning cliffs and mountain terrain it is only accessible by water taxi from Horseshoe Bay or Bowen Island.


Beyond the trees lies a beautiful hike up Leading Peak trail. Getting to the top is about a five hour expedition that will satisfy any adventure seeker. The trail leads you up a steep terrain full of large roots and rock formations. Truly immersed in the awe of nature, the Leading Peak summit is great for a weekend getaway.


The view from the top is spectacular, showcasing the beauty of the neighboring islands in Howe Sound. On a clear day you can see for miles. If you are looking for an experience off the beaten path, Anvil Island is the place to go.


**Photos courtesy of Martin NV, Steve Vanderwoerd, and Jason Pineau.

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