Sight: Bohème Goods

Sarah Shabacon; vintage daydreamer, proud mother of two, and owner of the beautifully curated store Bohème Goods.


Where did you get the idea to create Bohème Goods?

My first real job and business was a Vancouver made accessory label that was stocked by Free People and several other stores. After 2 years I felt I'd hit a wall creatively and needed a new outlet. I was spending more time in thrift shops looking for treasures and craving more time with my sons. On a whim I created Bohème Goods on instagram and opened up shop online a few days later.



How long have you been running your online store? What is your favourite part about having your own business?

I've been running Bohème for just over a year and a half now and what I love most about owning a business is that I create my own schedule which is so ideal being a mother with two sons who are forever keeping me on the go.




What are your top five items available on Bohème Goods right now?

 1. Hendrik Lou Wool Sweater
 2. Vintage Camel Tee
 3. 1960's Leather Tee
 4. Palomino Lasso Necklace
 5. LISSU Linen Terracotta Tea Towel





What is your main source of inspiration?

I grew up watching films from decades past and spent some of my most memorable moments with my mum learning about fabrics and designers at second hand shops. I guess you could say I'm inspired by both the now and then, seeing them come together into something beautiful.


What are the winter essentials in your wardrobe?

I love to layer in Winter so my essentials are a great fitting pair of vintage Levis, vintage thermal tee, wool socks, No 6 shearling clogs, a vintage fisherman knit sweater and Hendrik Lou Toque.



What is your go to piece of jewelry to wear everyday?

I wear minimal jewelry so I love a simple bracelet to pair with whatever I'm wearing...and of course, my wedding ring.




By Foe & Dear

Images provided by Bohème Goods

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