Taste: Plant Eaters Club

Meet Christine Schroeder; food enthusiast, world traveler, and creator of Plant Eaters Club in Vancouver, Canada.

Where are you located?

The kitchen of my humble abode on the 10th Avenue bike route. Mount Pleasant, Vancouver.

Where did your love of nutrition originate?

I remember doing really well in Bio12; surprised at how fascinated I was at the human body systems. It actually is quite incredible, how our bodies were created to keep everything in balance; and the way in which we feed ourselves actually makes a powerful difference in helping or harming that sweet homeostasis. Learning to do my part in treating my body with kindness and respect has and will be a life-long passion! My time studying at IHN just escalated both the knowledge and love of nutrition for me.



What inspired you to start Plant Eaters Club?

Oh boy. Many, many things!
Firstly, I love cooking, hosting, event planning, serving, bringing friends together, and finding ways to make people feel comfortable and valuable. It kind of just happened naturally once I finally lived in a home large enough to make these dinners possible!

As someone who has her own list of food sensitivities, I have had a lot of practice creating meals around specific diets and I wanted to facilitate a place where guests can let me know what their allergies are and then just show up with confidence, partaking in every item on the table.

Lastly, I want to feel good about what I eat- not just in my body, but also in my heart and mind. Using high quality, whole food, and 100% plant-based ingredients is a priority for me. I am increasingly passionate about the environment and how I can do my part and make a difference. I want to inspire others to take a step towards healthy and compassionate eating, and provide ideas to get them excited about cooking plants in their own kitchens, smashing the constructs of what “vegan” or even “healthy” food tastes like.




What is your favorite dish to cook at the moment?  

To be honest, my favorite thing about cooking is that I treat it kind of like live art and rarely make the exact same thing twice! However, I recently have enjoyed salads with some sort of roasted squash in it. Add some celery, apple, and whatever produce is in the fridge! Then top it off with a dressing made with lemon juice, water, garlic, ginger, braggs aminos, cumin and… walnuts? Sure that sounds good! :) Instead of oil, I like blending nuts or seeds in to balance the tartness.

Best place to eat in the city?
How much time do you have?
Indigo Age Café for sure! You can always feel good about their food- vegan, raw and quite inspiring! Komomo, Chau Veggie express, and the small Café Du Soleil on Commercial (up by Kitchener st).

And if you’re looking for comfort food, Meet on Main is a fantastic choice! And I might even be your server :)

Where can we find out more about Plant Eaters Club?
Instagram is the best way right now. Connect with me @planteatersclub.

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