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The New Age | Dainty Insight


Lissy Orr; artist, traveler, and owner of online vintage store Dainty Insight.

We caught up with Lissy on empowering women through fashion, finding inner peace in nature, and surrounding yourself with ambitious and creative-minded individuals.



What is the meaning behind Dainty Insight?

Dainty Insight is a 'small look'. Every thrifted piece has it's own story & you will never know what that full story is, but you can imagine it. I love giving new life to once loved items.

It's a peek into my style and what inspires me. I actually came up with the name in grade 8, when I created a secret blog about music, art, and fashion and within the past year brought that name into different light.


What inspires you when you're shopping for your store?

Thrifting has always been a release for me - being able to sift through piles and racks of clothing until touching the sleeve of a piece you know will be perfect or seeing the collar of a top amidst the chaos that ends up being everything you've been looking for. I thrift pieces that hopefully will make your wardrobe feel effortless. Clothing can transform a moon instantly and bring a fresh and needed change.

Giving women the chance to wear clothing they feel amazing in, has a timeless, classic look and is sustainable is one of the biggest things that inspires me. Every woman has such unique style, that's actually how I first felt inspired to thrift for others. I love seeing what's on trend and taking on the challenge of thrifting similar pieces.

I call Vancouver home, but have roots in Seattle & Phoenix. Simplistic desert tones and easy layering pieces are the base of every collection I thrift - staples you can wear by the ocean, mountains and desert.



Top 5 picks on Dainty Insight

- Striped Brown & White Dress

- Champagne Button Downs

- White Crochet Clutch

- Mustard Everything!!!

- Darc & Bren tie tops (locally made, 100% cotton)



Favourite place to spend the weekend

Amidst the busyness of working full time, maintaining a thrift business and wanting to travel lots, I cherish my weekends so much. Squamish has easily become one of my favourite places to spend a weekend - I love escaping with my friends/boyfriend to spend the day at secret beaches and cook dinner over a fire. I just moved to Mount Pleasent though and have been loving spending my weekends on Main Street wandering on foot or bike without any timeline.

A lifelong goal of mine is to be a regular somewhere - which proves challenging because I love to try new places. I'm always trying to balance local loyalty while keeping it fresh.


Who do you look up to/admire the most?

The people who I admire the most are those in my life who completely give everything they have to serve others, create a living for themselves out of something they are passionate about and are fearlessly taking on new challenges every season. I'm lucky to have a lot of ambitious and creative-minded individuals in my life (both family and friends) who I look up to so much for different reasons.

A family member I admire so much is my great grandma who is turning 99 years old this summer - she always remembers to put her lipstick and fabulous sunglasses on before heading to eat a meal or visit. She's an incredibly talented painter and lived a life full of activity - she filled every day so well and I admire the poise, grace and humour that she has always protrayed.



Words to live by

Trust your gut

Tea makes everything better

Help others and be kind

Images provided by | Dainty Insight