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Dreamgirl | Erica Candice

Meet dreamgirl Erica Candice. 

Artist, yoga lover, and affectionate mother to all of her plant and animal babies.

Foe & Dear caught up with Erica to chat about her appreciation for conscious living, meditation, and finding peace through your breath.



How has incorporating ethical fashion into your daily life changed your views on consumerism?

My views on consumerism have really evolved over the past few years. 

I have these little notebooks that I use to keep my thoughts, and in one of said notebooks I created a list of needs / wants for my ideal wardrobe. Very virgo of me, I know. Now when I shop, I am much more intentional with my purchases. Instead of totally buying into trends and fast fashion, I focus on adding staple pieces that can be easily integrated into my current wardrobe.  

Most of my pieces are vintage or second hand. I do still buy new pieces and not 100% of my purchases are completely guilt free, but the awareness and intention is there. 



Your go to morning rituals

My morning ritual changes by the day and with the seasons, but usually looks something like; warm lemon water or chlorella lemon water. Make time to connect with my mind, body, and breathe. Sometimes I have 10 minutes for this, sometimes I have 60. Walk Sofia in the park. Then, I proceed to wash my face and get ready for my day.



How do you calm your mind during the week?

I use so many different tactics throughout the week to calm my mind. I take lots of walks, thanks to my dog Sofia, and I make conscious efforts to stay off my phone and be present. I do yoga a few times a week in the studio, but I’m always doing stretching and moving at home.

I have meditation playlists ( singing bowls are my jam) that I often listen to while I’m commuting. Then I can just sprinkle mini-medis throughout my entire day, which is entirely necessary when you live in NYC and commute as much as I. I also cook and have multiple hobbies that are very hands on and don’t allow for meddling with your phone. 



Where do you find the most clarity?

In nature or on my yoga mat. 



What is your most treasured house plant?

This is tough but I would have to go with our dieffenbachia ‘camouflage’ that we’ve had for a few years.  AND our purple passion plant. Her scientific name is gynura aurantiaca. she’s a vibrant purple and green hanging plant and she’s velvety at the touch. My boyfriend would say our dragon bones tree, whose name is Elvis.


"Make time to connect with my mind, body, and breathe. Sometimes I have 10 minutes for this, sometimes I have 60." 


How has practicing yoga enhanced your life?

Yoga has taught me the power of breathe; the one thing we can control. When you find yourself uncomfortable, in life or in yoga, go back to your breathe.  



Secret hidden talent :) 

If i tell you, it wouldn’t be a secret ;)



Words to live by

Occupy space with grace. 



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Photos provided by Erica Candice