A Dream, A Pearl
Lookbook 2018

The surface of the ocean—where the water meets the beach, where the spray meets the rock—is nature unbridled. It is the greatest force on Earth, where infinity meets us on the shore. Out over the waves and into the endless horizon, deep into the cool blue, there is serenity, a rhythmic stillness—and in it, an origin. A pearl. Its lustre glimmering and swaying, having fallen from its bed to the pristine sand, a speck of light in the dark. It is the beginning of something. It is the core of beauty encapsulated.

On the shores, we marvel at their rarity and opulence. Gilded, nestled in the finest silvers and golds, we carry them with us: embodying their vitality and purity in our every act and intention. Their nature is near divine, and our spirit is reflected in their opalescence, an inexorable tie to the calm of our deep blue seas.

Creative Direction: Studio Faculty
Photographer: Taby Cheng
Writer: Megan Jenkins
Model: Lia Liza 
Assistants: Xanthe Hodge and Kelly Heurtier

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