Beauty from Nature
Lookbook 2018

When we think of beauty, we think of purity, and raw, boundless strength. We think of how the earth, under immense pressure, knicks and bows and jags into the tallest of mountain ranges and the deepest valleys—taking a new shape, always resilient, like us. In ourselves, we see the earth, shrouded in romance and mystery. Worn, weathered knuckles and knees, like stria carved into stone—marks of the trials we have seen and overcome.

This beauty and vitality speaks for itself, begging minimalist embellishment. Delicate brassy and golden metals that marble rock faces and fit our fingers perfectly, or a pearl perched upon our earlobes—they are the silver rings around the thunderhead that give the earth, and us, a quiet but unshakable beauty. The freckles on our noses are constellations dreamed up just for us. It’s apt to accentuate all that we are with earthly metals and precious stones, forever linking us to our origins.

Baby Diamond Stacker

Sand Ripples
Faro District,

Opal Tear Necklace

Yosemite National Park,
California, United States

Baby Diamond Cuff Bracelet

Opal Tear
Stacker Ring

Opal Tear Studs

Mountain Horizon
Zermatt, Switzerland

Opal Tear
Point Ring

Knuckles and Ridges

Creative Direction: Studio Faculty
Photographer: Taby Cheng
Writer: Megan Jenkins
Model: Andee-Marie Roberts
Assistant: Jennifer Hail

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