Look: Magdalene Kan

Meet Magdalene; visual artist, designer, and traveler from Toronto, Ontario.


How did you get started with design?

I don't know if there was an official start date, but I've always known that I was a creative at heart. I remember being as young as 3 years old and never wanting to leave the house without my pencil crayons and a few scraps of paper in my bag. As I grew up, my work matured and I ventured out more with my creativity. I guess that's how I explored my way to design!

What is it like owning a business? How do you stay sane?

It's known to be tough to own a business and I can certainly tell you it's no different for me. I can proudly say I am very focused at work, but also very focused when I have my off time. The most important thing to me is making time to be in tune with my spirituality and being mentally present so that I can be in a relaxed headspace. This has really strengthened my ability to focus when I'm back in work. I love to cook and get active outside on my off time, because it's my time to take care of myself. I'm no expert but I'm getting better at unplugging/being offline while having time off. In short, just valuing time off as much as "time on" because when I don't, well... that's when I go insane! 





Favourite local hang out/favourite secret spot in the city?

I'm a total homebody majority of the time. But I can also really appreciate Toronto for its diverse neighbourhoods when I'm out. You can just walk a couple blocks and find a new nook or undiscovered territory, so I really like to explore when weather is nice. I also love hanging with a group of friends at the monthly music events at East Room (a membership based co-working office space that connects work, culture and leisure). As for a secret spot... I'm not cool enough for that yet haha. My go-to hangout though, is to light a few candles in the evening, enjoying dinner and conversation on my patio with some friends... Is that secret enough?!  

Favourite place to go visit?! We see on your Instagram you travel lots!

It's so hard to pick! But if I had, I'd say... Tulum. Aside from the gorgeous jungle atmosphere, Bohemia heaven, Mayan culture and music. It's such a magical place with a charming and uplifting vibe. I met a lot of positive and spiritual people there and want to call a piece of the jungle home one day. This connects back to my patio because I've been slowly renovating it to become Tulum-inspired escape until I can move there haha.



What’s your go to piece of jewelry for every day?

I love simple and dainty! I keep on a resin bracelet by Gigi Clozeau on my left arm and a tiny diamond necklace by BY CHARI. And I'm just about to add the Foe & Dear Sparkler ring to a daily favourite - it's so simple, classy, and pairs so well with everything else I have on. 



Magdalene wears our 14k Yellow Gold Tiny Sparkler Ring / White Topaz.

Find her on Instagram, @magzkan. Portrait photos by @fhtw.

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