About Your Jewelry

14K Gold
14K gold contains 58.5% gold and is the perfect compromise for a precious metal. It’s more durable than pure gold and doesn’t easily tarnish. 14K gold is a premium gold, and is an affordable metal choice for those who have sensitive skin.

Sterling Silver
Sterling silver is an alloy comprised of pure silver and copper. This compound is highly durable and less malleable than silver alone. Though sterling silver is more durable, the additional metals in the alloy make the compound more prone to tarnishing—this happens because the copper, nickel, zinc or other mixtures in sterling silver may react with oxygen and other elements in the air. Taking proper care of your sterling silver jewelry will ensure a long, shiny life.

Opal stones are widely regarded as one of the most beautiful gemstones. Opal colors are white, pink, red, blue and violet, but opal stones can also be brown or orange. Usually opals are rather small, and possess a glassy or plasmic glow. The characteristic color of opal comes from the interference of transmitted light. They’re also October’s birthstone.

Herkimer Diamonds
Herkimer diamonds are beautiful double-terminated quartz crystals found in Herkimer, New York. Incredibly, these phenomenal gemstones are close to five hundred million years old. The crystals are magnificent works of nature, found in rock, with a diamond-like geometrical shape. Some crystals contain anthraxolite or decayed plant life. The anthraxolite resembles bits of black coal within the crystals.

Druzy is the glittering effect of tiny crystals over top a mineral. The druzy quartz gems grow slowly over millions of years and are found as the very last layer of growth on agate or another colorful base

Freshwater pearls are the product of mussels that inhabit freshwater lakes and rivers. Freshwater pearls are beautiful, rare, and of the highest quality. They are naturally a creamy white and contain no dye. Each pearl has a lustrous, iridescent and rainbow hue. Pearls are June’s birthstone.

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