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Foe & Dear is made with the environment in mind.


Founded by Katherine Schlattman in 2009, our team of designers create jewelry that is eco-conscious and sustainably made. We use recycled metals, fair-trade gold, and conflict-free gemstones to create one-of-a-kind pieces. 


With a desire to do things differently, we ethically source our materials to ensure our jewelry has the lowest impact on Mother Earth. We are a company that believes in sustainable and eco-friendly jewelry practices. As a member of the Canadian Jewellers Association, we are committed to the highest industry ethics and social responsibility, and therefore agree to:

  • Maintain the highest level of personal integrity, honesty and business ethics
  • Provide quality products and services
  • Follow business practices that do not mislead or deceive clients
  • Provide knowledgeable and competent expertise
  • Accurately describe the true quality, nature and authenticity of products offered for sale
  • Establish and fulfill a reasonable guarantee and/or service policy regarding products and services and clearly communicate this to clients
  • Hold in strict confidence all information regarding customers
  • Refrain from all forms of copyright and trademark infringement
  • Support international best business practices with respect to the environment

Giving back to our community is key. By conserving the environment and inspiring people to be more sustainable, we can truly make a difference. Learn more about our 1% For The Planet Partnership + Community Outreach Programs.


Foe & Dear pieces are designed in Vancouver, and handmade with love in Canada. 


The Foe & Dear Team is one of inclusion and diversity. Our team is made up of individuals from a variety of backgrounds/ethnicities. Each valued and appreciated for the talent they bring to work everyday. 

We encourage creativity and growth within our company. Our work with various photographers and creatives allows us to showcase fresh perspectives in the industry.  We use our platform to inform, educate, and highlight causes that are close to our hearts. 

Foe & Dear is a community of love and connection. We believe in supporting each other and creating ethically made jewelry for all to enjoy. Caring for the environment and using sustainable practices is the key to our happiness.

Thank you for being part of our journey. We’re glad that you’re here. 

Learn more about our team below 

                   - THE F&D TEAM -  




Libra/Year of the Ox/INFP

I find inspiration mostly through nature, art, architecture and past travels. Anything could spark inspiration though... Like the way a leaf curves, or the colors of the sunset.

My ideal day off is sitting out on our sunny patio with an iced coffee, a good book, and with Meli and T by my side. 

My favourite F&D piece is the Chain Ring in yellow gold.



Meli Francis Doodlebean


F&D Dreamgirl/Snack Lover/Best Friend/Elegant Angel

Cancer/Year of the Sheep/ENTP

I love being in the studio with the team. I bring smiles, kisses, and happiness everywhere I go. If you have a treat, I’ll eat it. If you want a cuddle, I’ll give it. I enjoy sharing my love with everyone.

My ideal weekend would include playing in the sun with Papa T and Mama K and swimming in the ocean.

My favourite F&D piece is the Meli Hair Claws.





Art Director/Stylist

Sagittarius/Year of the Rat/INFP

Foe & Dear is a place for me to explore various art practices and weave them into our everyday visuals. Whether it’s writing, styling, or creating campaigns, storytelling is at the forefront of my work. Creating art with our team is a dream come true. 

I find inspiration in an array of forms. I’ll resonate with a glimpse of light dancing across my bedroom wall, the soft warmth of morning sun, it's endless. It’s all connected to the beauty of life.

My ideal day would include exploring nature, reading poetry, and spending time with my friends and family.

My favourite F&D piece is the Cigar Band Ring in yellow gold. 




Assistant Designer

Aquarius/Year of the Rooster/INFP

We often overlap and all help each other since we are such a close team. However, some of my main focuses have been one-on-one consultations with clients, searching for unique stones and taking product photos for our ready to wear collections. 

If my inspiration were a mood board, attached would be soft pastel and neutral colours, strands of organza and hand-dyed silk, photos of my friends laughter during golden hour and an assortment of dried flowers. 

My ideal day off is camping with my sister and closest friends under a clear night sky.

My favourite F&D piece is the Aurora Necklace.




She/Her or They/Them

Web Content/Admin

Pisces/Year of the Dog/INFJ

I work remotely for Foe & Dear creating content for our social media and website focusing on illustration and education while also working on our digital organization, this involves a satisfying amount of spreadsheets. I have a background in Illustration and love working with my hands.

I find inspiration in natural textures found in the landscape, like the way the tide leaves ripples in the sand. When I search for inspiration it is typically by going through books on historical sculpture and ceramics.

My ideal day-off starts with a late morning coffee and spending most of the day lounging barefoot in the grass reading short essays and napping. 

My favourite F&D piece is the Paisley Ring.



He/Him or They/Them

Studio Assistant

Taurus/Year of the Goat/ENFP-T

When looking to be inspired I find myself drawn to architecture and nature. I love a mix of contrasting elements, new and old, minimal and ornate, bright and muted.

My ideal day off is filled infinite oat milk lattes, sunshine picnics, and exploring somewhere I have never been before.

My Favourite F&D piece is the Yin Yang Signet Ring in yellow gold.


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