F&D Love Stories | Firina + Torrance

Every love story is an intimate collection of memories and feelings. A place to return when the world needs a reminder of what's tender and true. 

Firina and Torrance are one of those couples. 

We caught up with them to explore their appreciation of the quiet moments of connection, the art of surrendering, and the openess that comes from the journey in love. 


Where did your love story begin?

Like a true millennial love story, we first met in 2016 on Tinder. We dated for a month or so but our paths were going in two different directions. In 2018, we reconnected after I (Firina) commented on Torrance’s instagram story. It wasn’t anything serious. We ended up going back and forth in DMs for a bit before exchanging numbers again. Eventually went on a few dates and we’ve been together ever since.


What about F&D intrigued you to work with us?

We loved that F&D is a female owned company and located in Vancouver. We didn’t want to go to a big box company that would try to sell anything. We wanted to go somewhere where we could work with the designers to come up with rings that felt truly unique and personal to both of us. 


Memorable experiences over the last year together

Getting married! This was the first big event for both our families since the pandemic began. It was such an experience for Firina’s family to come out to Vancouver - for some for the first time. It was a joyous celebration. 

After the ceremony and photos, we took a separate car back to the hotel to have some time together before the reception. After getting our keys from the front desk we headed upstairs, but little did we know our entire wedding party was in our suite! We were both shocked and excited to have a surprise mini party with them. We listened to music, ordered food and had what felt like an endless amounts of bubbles/tequila. Truly such a special group.


“Learning to let your partner love you and show up for you the best way they can, while also learning to love them in the way they need.”


Traditions/heartfelt sentiments you incorporated into your wedding day? 

Heart felt moment for both us, was the first look and saying our vows privately to each other before the ceremony. It was such a special and warm moment that we’ll both remember. To be with your person and share such a moment, is something we’d recommend to anyone getting married. 


Valuable lessons you've learned in love

Our lessons learned in love over the years - learning to let your partner love you and show up for you the best way they can, while also learning to love them in the way they need. Sometimes it is hard to let go of control, but often the things we most want to control will ask the most of us to surrender. Real affirmation of your partner’s needs, where they are coming from is necessary to meet on your journey in love. 

To communicate honestly at the hardest moments, the moment when you actually don’t want to talk to the other person. Learning to take the time to communicate your needs in these moments allows you to say what you want but also gives space to the other person. 



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