F&D Love Stories | Aaron and Michelle

Every love story is an intimate collection of memories and feelings. A place to return when the world needs a reminder of what is tender and true.


The Foe & Dear team has met many wonderful people who have brought us along in their journey of love.


Michelle and Aaron are one of those couples. 


We caught up with them to learn more about their way of living, the compassion found in relationship, and how differences can be an opportunity for endless growth.


You proposed to Michelle overlooking a peaceful ocean view. Is this a sacred place for you both?

Aaron: Actually, my original plan was to propose to Michelle at the beach. However, the day before the proposal, I ended up having to completely shift our plans and location. In the end, I ended up choosing this location because we've been introduced to this hidden gem a couple years ago by friends and we've always admired the view whenever we visit. 


When did you know you had found your partner in life?

A&M: We wouldn't say it was a specific lightbulb moment, but rather an accumulation of learning about each other's personalities, aligning on values, admiring and rooting for one another's endeavours, and ultimately becoming best friends.


What about Foe & Dear intrigued you to work with us?

Michelle: I met the lovely Kat back when I apprenticed with Fox & Flourish several years ago when they were studiomates. Ever since then, I knew that I wanted to get my engagement ring done by Foe & Dear based on their company values and the wonderful team behind their beautiful products.


How does your engagement ring design reflect your love?

A&M: A love that speaks for itself — timeless and simple 


Traits you value most in each other 

A&M: Our commitment to communicating through our differences, genuinely celebrating each other's wins, and being okay with having bubble tea and sushi takeout on a Friday night.


What are you most looking forward to in this next chapter of your partnership?

A&M: Learning how to love each other in new ways through new adventures both big and small


Photography by Christine Pienaar Photography 

Images courtesy of Aaron Legaspi + Michelle Kwee