November | Glowing Topaz


November is here and we're ready to celebrate! Topaz is this month's birthstone. Discovered in 1768 in Portugal, it comes in a variety of colors ranging from warm reds and purples to brown and amber hues.

Most prominently known for having a blue coloration, topaz creates a burst of excitement in a jewelry piece. Topaz pigments rival that of rubies and sapphires, making it a refreshing gemstone to approach for a custom design.

It's a stone that is allochromatic, meaning the color of the stone is caused by changes in the elements and inclusions in the crystal structure.  It allows for a multitude of variety in the pigment of the topaz.


Originating from the Greek word topazion, topaz's history and symbolism spans across generations and cultures. Ancient Greeks believed topaz would bring them strength, whereas in India it is worn above the heart to insure a long life, beauty, and intelligence.

Topaz is a true sight to see. Ancient Romans and Egyptians connected and praised the yellow topaz with the Sun God.



The hardness of topaz rates 8 out of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it a great option for a wedding or engagement ring. It's longevity and strength will ensure it stays intact for years to come.


Foe & Dear has created our own topaz rings that are truly one of a kind. A delicate 14k yellow gold band highlighting a color changing, London Blue and Imperial Topaz with white brilliant diamond accents.