F&D | Guide to Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Salt and Pepper Diamonds are diamonds with inclusions visible to the naked eye. These inclusions are inside the diamond, typically underneath the surface. They look like little flecks floating in space or a sprinkling of salt and pepper. They are celebrated for their uniqueness and beauty as each diamond is one of a kind. Classic White or Near-Colorless Diamonds also have inclusions but you may only be able to see them under 10x magnification. 

Diamond Grading is a way to categorize White or Near-Colorless diamond's rarity and value. Due to their recent popularity, Salt and Pepper diamonds do not have a universally recognized grading system like traditional White or Near-Colorless diamonds. Salt and Pepper diamonds do not have a clarity grade since they are diamonds with visible inclusions and tend to not have a color grade either since they do not fit within the parameters of the diamond grading system. Clarity typically refers to the existence and visual appearance of it’s internal characteristics, called inclusions, and surface defects called blemishes. Instead within the industry we use descriptive terms like icy, smoky, opalescent, grey or galaxy-like to differentiate the subtleties of appearances within Salt and Pepper Diamonds. 

Terms like icy, smoky, opalescent, grey or galaxy-like are used to describe the visual impact of the diamond. They are not definitive or refer to a set style or appearance of the stone but help to give you a better idea of what the stone looks like. Typically grey and milky are descriptive terms referring to the diamond’s color and icy or smoky are referring to their interior characteristics like a clarity grade would to a White or Near-Colorless diamond. Since each Salt and Pepper diamond is unique there is no definitive way of grading the different types of inclusions and their desirability. 

In special circumstances inclusions and blemishes can compromise the durability of a diamond, especially if these are surface reaching inclusions. At Foe & Dear, we handpick each and every diamond we source to ensure that there are no inclusions that would compromise its quality and have never had an issue with our Salt and Pepper diamonds. 

All diamonds are rated a 10 on the Mohs Scale for Hardness and are made up of the single element, carbon. Making them a great choice for jewelry that's worn everyday and meant to last a lifetime. 



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