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Ring Sizes

Foe & Dear offers a variety of ring sizes for purchase. If you don’t see your ring size listed please leave us a note through the order page or get in touch with us, all rings are available in full, half and quarter sizes. You can find out your ring size by using this guide or inquiring at a local jewelry shop. Our Ready-to-Ship rings typically come in a size 7 which is an average size and safe guess if you're unable to confirm sizing before purchasing. 

Ring sizes are based on the US Ring Sizes and are the diameter measurement. To find your size use a flexible measuring tape or piece of string and wrap it snuggly around your finger. Mark where it makes a full rotation around your finger and measure that length, this is the circumference. Divide the circumference by π, or 3.14 for an estimation and you'll get the diameter.

Example: Circumference ÷ π = Diameter
51.5mm ÷ 3.14  = 16.4mm ~ Ring Size 6

 We are happy to resize rings for our customers, complimentary for the fist resize, and for a charge plus return shipping within 60 days of purchase. The customer is responsible for safe shipping back to us for sizing. Please contact us if you need a ring sized and for instructions on how to proceed. Note our Shipping page for updated timelines. 

Custom-sized rings in solid gold or sterling silver can be ordered at no additional cost, however, they require extra time and attention. Because of this, please allow an additional 7 business days for processing.

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