The New Age | Brook Power

Meet Brook Power.

Artist, mother, and surfer hailing from the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. 

Foe & Dear caught up with Brook to talk about her exploration in art, the importance of family, and spending time connecting to nature.



How does your collage art resonate with your vision of feminine beauty? 

Everyone’s vision of feminine beauty is different. Mine is a very natural girl though, complex but strong. I like to obscure faces even, so that the girl in my pieces is somewhat undefined and the observer can even juxtapose themselves into the imagery and easily identify with her.

I want her to seamlessly exist in the environment which I place her, she isn’t just “in nature”, she is nature. I’ve been wanting to do more collages lately with boys actually, it’s a bit more of a challenge heh, women’s bodies are so pretty, but so are men’s! I just need the right imagery and time to search. Would love to pull off a non-binary beauty, we’ll see how it goes.



What brings you the most peace during the day?

Sharing beauty with other creatures on our planet, humans or animals. Every beautiful moment we have will be imprinted in time forever. Living life beautifully truly is making art.



Favourite morning/evening rituals

Morning coffee.

Evening skin care and cleansing oils.  Prayers and reflections of gratitude for the day, even if it was a shitty day, just telling God I’m thankful for life.



Best places to explore new concepts for your work in art and modeling

Old books old books old books.

Never never forget your books.

Cherish those tangible documents we have from decades ago because they’re not going to be so prevalent very sooooon. It’s kindve a travesty that I mutilate and cut up so many books heh. But hopefully I do them some justice.

As soon as I have more time I’m going to shoot more of my own original content to use in collage pieces, just so busy, so many things I would love to do to take my work further, pero no time :(



"Sharing beauty with other creatures on our planet, humans or animals. Every beautiful moment we have will be imprinted in time forever. Living life beautifully truly is making art." 


Where do you find meaning in your life?

In the creation around us and experiencing it with others. And just loving other humans and animals. Putting others first feeds my own soul.



Most unforgettable experience you've had since becoming a mother to Ozzie

Haha probably the bizarre science fiction experience of giving birth. I’d been present at child births before but experiencing it first hand is just so weird. Also just how my body took total charge and just did everything it was supposed to, hips widening, contracting all of its muscles to get a little creature out of your body, just in auto pilot mode. It’s crazy! We are amazingly designed. 



Your top modeling moments

Aw man I don’t know, I have a very charmed job sometimes, lots of fun times. 

Surfing perfect empty waves in Baja Mexico was a memorable times. Shoots in the forests and in waterfalls in Australia. In the jungle and oceans in Indonesia. I’ve had shoots at home in Hawaii where I’m running horses bareback on the beach, pretty cool.

Lots of surf shoots in Hawaii with friends. I shot at the playboy mansion like a year ago before they sold it, that’s pretty epic and funny you know. I get to shoot in the Malibu hills with my horse a lot, it’s pretty magical. I also just shoot jobs with my friends a lot, how blessed am I that I get to be creative with my friends for my job!!



Words to live by

Dr. Seuss! 

Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. 

I think that’s how it goes... wise man. 



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Photos provided by Brook Power