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An expansion of love can be found in the nourishment of one’s body. Through home grown recipes, tending to the land that sustains our well-being, a sense of community and connection can flourish.


This is the space where Genevieve Kang resides.  


Foe & Dear caught up with Genevieve to learn about her healing journey through nutrition, her holistic catering company KIKAN, and the unwavering dedication she has for ocean conservation and Mother Nature.  


When did your exploration in nutrition begin?

When I was diagnosed with lupus at 14 years old, I was told that I'd need to take a medication for life where one of the side effects was the possibility of losing my eyesight. After a few years, I realized this approach was absolutely absurd and there had to be another option. I chose to discontinue use of the medication and instead began educating myself, consulting alternative health practitioners, and gradually adjusting my diet and lifestyle to naturally manage my symptoms.

Later I would study holistic nutrition. I’ve lived virtually symptom-free for over 15 years. Everything we consume and surround ourselves with—from food and our daily routines to our relationships and the media—impacts our wellbeing, for better or for worse, choose wisely.

How has your love of holistic living been infused in the creation of KIKAN?

KIKAN is an expression of my identity—it’s a reflection of my roots, culture, and values. For me, it goes beyond simply creating nourishing and delicious food; it’s about honouring the land on which this food was grown, as well as the origins of recipes passed down through generations. It’s about recognizing how food unites communities and how connecting with our food, each other, and therefore nature is integral to our overall wellbeing.

At the heart of KIKAN is a holistic approach to life. We occupy a unique space where food, culture, and wellness intersect harmoniously, celebrating both tradition and innovation, and embracing the evolution of creativity. We conscientiously consider the impact we have environmentally, culturally, and socially, and encourage our community to do the same. This emphasizes the importance of mindful living in all aspects of our lives.

Self-love rituals that bring you inner peace?

I have two, tried and true

  1. Meditation. I dedicate time to my practice most mornings, incorporating guided meditations from To Be Magnetic, a community I’ve been a part of since its inception. This practice has without a doubt transformed my life, shaping how I show up in the world. It has provided me with holistic support—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 
  1. Ritual bathing. Whether I’m drawing myself a bath with epsom salts and magnesium or taking a shower with fresh eucalyptus, I like to start this ritual with burning hinoki incense and dry brushing. This intentional practice helps me transition from work mode to rest mode. I’ll also sometimes include abhyanga, a traditional Ayurvedic oil massage.


"Making small efforts everyday can accumulate into substantial impacts on the conservation and wellbeing of these spaces longterm."

Meaningful experiences that have shaped your connection to nature and the infinite beauty of the ocean?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt a magnetic pull towards water. There’s something about the ocean in particular that has consistently brought me both tranquility and a growing sense of curiosity. It’s this enigmatic entity, embodying the unknown and all the uncertainties of life. Yet, paradoxically, within its depths and vast expanse lies a profound sense of security. l feel most alive when I’m communing with Mother Nature and all of her wisdom.

In what ways has your personal evolution guided you to becoming an ocean conservationist? 

As someone who adores spending time in nature and in or near water, it’s important for me to contribute to the preservation of these environments. Making small efforts everyday can accumulate into substantial impacts on the conservation and wellbeing of these spaces longterm.

One way that I enjoy supporting and celebrating this place I’m so privilege to call home is by helping to keep the local beaches and our coastlines clean and healthy. Whether as part of an organized community beach cleanup or on my own, these actions allow me to express my gratitude and give back.

Why did you choose Surfrider Vancouver for the charity to highlight this season?

A little over a year ago, I joined Surfrider Vancouver as the volunteer coordinator on their executive committee. Recently, I had to step down from this role because of my move to Ucluelet, BC. That being said, my involvement with this organization has fulfilled me in unexpected ways, inspiring me to spotlight the incredible work they’re doing to safeguard our ocean and coastlines.

Specifically in Vancouver, we’ve achieved significant progress within the past year: rebuilding a dedicated executive committee entirely led by volunteers, organizing regular beach cleanups, strengthening our relationship with the community, as well as expanding our campaign against cigarette butt pollution. Even though I’m relocating, I have all intention of continuing to support Surfrider and its vital initiatives as I settle into my new home on the island.

Upcoming projects you're excited for?

I've recently planted a few really big seeds for some exciting new projects and that’s about all I can say at this stage! I’m excited for the expansion of KIKAN and my work as an artist. As I mentioned, I’m also relocating to Ucluelet this month, fulfilling a longtime dream of living on the coast. I’m looking forward to embarking on this new adventure with my pup, Reishi.

Words to live by

"Life is short."


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Photography by Alexandra Reilly

*100% of profits from the sales of the Aurora Stud Earrings and the Leilah Hoops will be donated to Surfrider Vancouver.