The New Age | Vicki Duong

Meet Vicki Duong.

A candid and authentic writer, tote bag enthusiast, and a dear friend of the team at Foe & Dear. We caught up with Vicki to talk about her journey as a freelance writer, pushing herself out of her comfort zone, and the happiness she gets from supporting the ones she loves most



How has your writing style evolved over the years?

When I first started writing I was so concerned with sounding like “real” writers and often mimicked their style instead of trying to develop my own. In the past few years I’ve learned to find my own voice when it comes to writing and I love that my writing is more personal now. One of compliments that makes my heart melt is whenever friends read my writing and remark that they could hear my voice while reading it.



What do you enjoy the most about working on freelance projects?

Other than having the luxury of mixing things up, I love how it pushes me out of my comfort zone in the most unexpected way. I’ve met so many people that I would not have had the opportunity to meet if I worked a more traditional job and no day is exactly the same as the last.



Top five self-love regimes 



Advice you would give to someone starting out in the industry?

Shifting your attitude of things happening for you instead of happening to you will get you further in life. Plus your heart and hustle will attract those with a lot of heart and a lot of hustle.



Was there a turning point in your career that made you want to focus more on your own writing?

Definitely when I lost my job. At first the idea was intimidating because I had always second guessed my ability to write more. I use my 9-to-5 job as my scapegoat and say that I would write more but my busy schedule didn’t allow for it. Once I lost my job I had to admit to myself that it was never a lack of time but more of an insecurity I felt in comparison to my colleagues. 

I started to write more and be less nitpicky about my content and just post as I had something ready instead of editing constantly. Being less strict with myself has also ironically allowed me to write more. I don’t follow a schedule and have done anywhere between 1 to 8 posts within a month and the lack of pressure has helped me really focus on writing about the things I genuinely find interesting.



 "Shifting your attitude of things happening for you instead of happening to you will get you further in life. Plus your heart and hustle will attract those with a lot of heart and a lot of hustle."


Favourite local ethical brands? 

This is a tough one because there are so many great local and ethical brands in Vancouver! I’ve always loved Nettle’s Tale, plus they use sustainable materials and are size inclusive. I recently discovered a “new” denim line called Today that repurposes denim saving them from the landfill while being able to customize jeans to fit exactly to your proportions!



Current Muses?

Honestly, this is going to sound so cheesy but I am constantly inspired by my friends. I am so blessed to be friends with the type of people I used to look up to when I was younger. Since I grew up in a small city, careers such as “artist” or “designer” weren’t given any validity because it seemed so far fetched and now my community is full of them. Just to name a few my friend Matt is an illustrator, Lydia is a model, Meagan is a NYC publicist and Nina is a YouTuber!

I am also so inspired by seeing so many of my friends become parents. It deepened the appreciation I have for my mother because I see how much unconditional love it takes to raise a little human.



Words to live by

"Grow through what you go through."



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Photos by  Alley Osbourne + Foe & Dear