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Meet dreamgirl Zella Day.

Poet, world explorer, and songstress from the quiet mountains of Pinetop, Arizona. 

Foe & Dear caught up with Zella to talk about her unique venture through the music

industry, gratitude for the wisdom of life, and her love for her adorable pup Mitzy.


What brings you the most happiness while performing?

During a performance I get to live inside the worlds I’ve created completely uninterrupted. The stage is a sacred place where there is nothing to pull you out of the music.

It’s a raw connection between the art and its maker that an audience gets to watch unfold. It’s different every time and I’m very fortunate that people feel passionate enough about my music that they want to come and experience it with me in the flesh. 



Songwriting is such an authentic way to delve into your honesty and genuine emotion. What has your journey with music taught you?

My journey with music has taught me that I am the student, and my best weapon is observation. It’s inspired me to travel deeper into my psyche where everything starts to lose form, the world has become so overwhelmingly beautiful at times that all I can do is sit down and strum a chord.

Music has made me a better friend, daughter, lover, sister. I have explored so many corners of my existence through song, every time I get back from a journey I come out more compassionate than when I started. It’s a human thing. It’s a music thing. Being vulnerable is a strength. 


One thing that would surprise people about you?

I was a competitive soccer player all through high school and was on my way to play college ball until I broke my ankle in a game of futsal. I’m starting to get back into it with a few friends who play in a coed league. I will definitely be bringing a ball on tour to juggle during down time. 


We adore your doodle Mitzy. Our designer Kat has a golden doodle. How did you two come into each other’s lives?

Mitzy is an absolute angel I wish you could scratch her ears and kiss her little button nose! She’s a rescue from Phoenix, AZ and got adopted by her proud mama approximately seven years ago.

I adore all doodle breeds for their demeanor and no shed!! She’s perfect travel size, I’ve taken her all over the world with me. She’s my creature and I swear to god we are looking more and more alike with each passing day. Those crimpy curls are to die for. 



Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Get out of your own way. 


Where do you feel the most at peace?

That place is always changing but as of right now it is the corner of our living room where the sitting pillows wait patiently for me to enjoy my morning coffee. I’m at my most peaceful in my corner of light reading Mary Oliver. 


Top 5 songs you have on repeat

1. “Thirteen” Big Star
  2. “Seabird” Alessi Brothers 
  3. “You Shadow” Sharon Van Etten
  4. “Seven” David Bowie
  5. “September in the Rain” Dinah Washington 


Words to live by

I attended a panel in February during Grammy week that featured writers and artists from the LGBTQ community telling their stories of working within the industry. One of the woman spoke about “knowing your seasons” in life, finding the balance between the fighter and the pacifist within you. I resonated a lot with the idea that sometimes it’s not your time to fight as much as it is time to reflect or maybe it’s just not your time at all. 

I have struggled with the pressures of keeping up with my peers and feeling left behind because things are either not happening fast enough or I’m dealing with obstacles in my career. Sometimes things will take care of themselves without our interjection but it’s important to know when to be your own hero. 


 By Foe & Dear

Photos provided by Zella Day

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